Monitor plant growth by measuring green canopy cover

Green canopy cover is a helpful indicator of crop growth and condition that is easy to measure. Use Canopeo to monitor green canopy cover of cash crops, bioenergy crops, turf, and more!

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Use Canopeo to help you with grazing management decisions

The strong relationship between green canopy cover and grain yield in dual-purpose wheat production systems makes Canopeo the perfect tool to help you adjust cattle stocking density and grazing duration to minimize effects on grain yield. In the southern Great Plains, a simulated grazing intensity study showed that to obtain a wheat yield similar to that of a non-grazed and early-sown wheat, a minimum canopy cover of about 50% should be maintained at the start of the winter dormancy (early December) and at grazing termination (late February - early March).

Reference: Butchee D. and Edwards J.T. 2013. Dual-purpose wheat grain yield as affected by growth habit and simulated grazing intensity. Crop Science 53:1686—1692.

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Video recording of green canopy cover

Use the desktop version of Canopeo developed in Matlab to rapidly analyze green canopy cover from videos. Videos are excellent to capture the inevitable spatial variability present in the field. Use videos to completely scan research plots in as much time as taking few images. Using Canopeo you can avoid the need for choosing "representative" areas.

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Quantify the effect of environmental factors

Water and heat stress can severely affect plants. Green canopy cover is a variable that can be used to diagnose and quantify the response on plant canopies. Likewise, Canopeo can be used to quantify the effect of abiotic factors such as hail, snow, or early/late freeze events.

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Keep track of your fields

Access all your images, green canopy cover, date, location and more using the Canopeo web interface or simply within the app.

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